UBERT LEARNING has excellent facilities to enable learning process:

  • Modern & Interactive Teaching Aids
  • Audio-visual room [Fantasia]
  • Colorful Class Rooms(with A/C & Safety measures)
  • Sand and water play area
  • Library
  • Play Area
  • Computer Lab [Little Hands at work]
  • Music & Dance Room (with Baby Dance Floor)
  • Art & Craft room
  • Splash Pool
  • Field trips
  • Child friendly washrooms
  • Qualified/Experienced & Trained Faculty
  • Good Teacher: Student Ratio
  • Transport Facility
  • Affordable Fee


Table-top Activities: e.g. matching, sorting, grading, pattern making, threading and a wide variety of jigsaws, Sorting objects
Little Hands at work on computer Educational visits: oto a local restaurant to see how food is prepared, a bank to learn about money, the park to look at leaves to discover what lives under that rock.
Special visitors: like police officers, fire-fighters, or doctors are invited to speak to the children. 
Stage Exposure: Imaginative Role Play: e.g. house, hospital, shop, café, baby clinic, hairdressers, dental, surgery, post office, Kitchen play Involving in Natural Materials: e.g. water, sand, play dough and baking, Block building, Puzzles Creative Activities: e.g. variety of construction toys and junk materials
Physical Activities: e.g. outdoor play on a wide variety of mobile toys climbing, yoga,frames, balancing equipment and a selection of balls, bean bags, hoops, skittles etc.
Tales time: Books  are always available and story time is held each day in the Fantasia rooms. There is also a school library.

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